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Outsourcing your billing saves time and money. Your operational expenses will decrease with payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, and worker’s compensation cost. You will also save in office space and office equipment and supplies cost.
VIP Billing is dedicated to providing transparent and seamless solutions for your billing needs. We understand that many factors are required in order to be successful with today’s ever changing healthcare regulations. With that in mind, we have combined our experienced billing team with some of the best technology in the industry. This significantly reduces costs by eliminating manual processes and ensuring cleaner claims.
We offer competitive rates customized to your specific specialty, practice size and method in which medical records are submitted to us.
Providers will need to obtain a designated lockbox for all monies associated to the billing of patient and insurance claims. You will have complete control of the account though VIP will require access to the account information to ensure proper accounting of all deposits. VIP will never have access to your money.
Yes, with an internet based system you can access your data 24/7 anywhere you have internet services. This gives you the confidence and control required for a trustworthy relationship between your office and ours.
Six to eight weeks.
Your medical records are your proprietary data. We will need access to ensure coding to the highest level of specificity. We offer several options for this component of your billing.
Your patients will call our toll free number for assistance anytime between the hours of 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM (CST) Monday through Friday.
All claims are submitted electronically on a daily basis to most major third party payors. Very few claims are submitted by paper but are still processed on a daily basis as well.
Patient statements are processed monthly.

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